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Accelerate the health of your CityView System
September 12, 2022

CityView Health Check

Just as you perform regular maintenance on your car to keep it running at optimal efficiency, an annual health check can help you tune up the function of your CityView system.

A health check review is a quick and affordable way to determine if there are any tweaks that should be made to your CityView solutions, so that you can take advantage of all they have to offer. A health check evaluates:

  • Performance and efficiency – We look for instances where large volumes of data are being stored unnecessarily, as these can impact system speed and overall performance
  • Training and best practices – We indicate where additional training can boost system use and apply best practices to increase the reliability of the data
  • Configuration and product evolution – We examine the state of the environment and may recommend changes to business rules and configuration

Best of all, yearly health checks are included in our maintenance membership bundles, so there’s no cost to you if your organization subscribes to this service. (Not sure? Email Ryan Monk, manager of customer success.)

If you don’t already have a maintenance membership, no need to fret! You can still take advantage of a health check at a reasonable rate as they are conducted virtually.

Are you ready to maximize your investment and enhance performance? Schedule your health check today; click the button below.

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