Provide excellent service to citizens

Engage your citizens and provide exceptional service by allowing them to make service requests online. The device-adaptive CityView Portal allows users to make requests from road and park maintenance to garbage collection and general inquiries at their convenience, 24/7.

By automating and managing citizen submissions for service, complaints, or inquiries in a central database, CityView ensures you have access to real-time information about the status of any request and can respond to them faster.


Manage your request data

  • By providing a centralized data store for all requests, it becomes quick and easy to respond to status requests by customers or other departments. Requests can even be routed through CityView’s workflow to multiple departments.

Streamline and provide enhanced service

  • Providing excellent constituency services can be an overwhelming challenge for many agencies struggling with insufficient resources. CityView’s Service Requests assist in this process by streamlining and automating many of the time-consuming processes. Providing convenience to constituents results in them becoming great stewards of community standards and helps you maintain the quality and vibrancy of your communities.

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