Location-based activity at a glance

The backbone of the CityView solution, CityView Property Information, provides a powerful inventory of your property base. Quickly view all your location-based land use, zoning, and community development activities related to parcels, addresses, structures, parks, trails, roads and more.

“As a result of an information technology strategic plan, we identified the need to implement core business and government solutions that would meet current and future needs, based on emerging technologies, IT trends and best practices. After reviewing the market’s leading software solutions, we determined that CityView provided the most flexible solution to meet our diverse range of needs.”

Steve Wilson, Project Manager, Chatham-Kent


Provide answers quickly, with easy access to data when you need it

  • Easily locate construction permits, code enforcement cases, businesses and development applications, both current and historical, for land parcels, addresses, road segments and other locations.
  • Trace the genealogy of your parcels.

Reference your data spatially, for more informed decisions

  • See, analyze, and understand geospatial data with Esri extensions that offer real-time insight into parcel activity.
  • Map your way with easy-to-use mapping tools that allow everyday users to locate properties, measure distances, boundaries and areas and create mailing labels from buffer selections.
  • Based on the latest Esri ArcGIS Server technology, maps are embedded directly into CityView.

Automate your processes for speed and accuracy

  • Automate business processes like parcel subdivision and eliminate time-consuming manual activities, repetitive data entry and inaccurate information.

Work better

Find out how CityView Property Information lets you easily find any land data in seconds.