Accurately track and report citizen information

CityView Marriage & Death Registration allows you to create an electronic record of citizens’ marriages and deaths so that you can serve them better. By automating inefficient manual processes associated with civil registration you decrease queues, reduce mistakes caused by human error, and make sure that the right documentation is easily generated.


Central access to a secure system

  • CityView Marriage Licensing makes it easy to track submittal requirements for licenses including identification, citizenship, Parental Consent or Judicial Permission. Record current and permanent address, lineage, marital status, divorce file number and date (if applicable) for each applicant. Track license waiting periods and expiration. Add ceremony information and Marriage Certificates.
  • CityView Death Registration facilitates precise tracking of deaths and the creation of certificates, including time, date, location, cause, attending physician and more.

Create customized print-outs and reports

  • Fully integrated letter template system lets you create highly customized print outs to match your document needs.
  • Use out-of-the-box detailed reports or create your own custom reports to facilitate state or provincial reports.

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