Empower your inspectors with data at their fingertips



Reduce the number of phone calls to your office and eliminate duplicate data entry by managing and recording inspections in the field from a mobile device.

Building, engineering, enforcement, parks and rental inspectors have live access to all the information they need to complete their day from their desk, their car, or in the field.

“We found that some of our inspectors already had smartphones and tablet devices, and since they all cost about the same we gave them the choice to use whatever they want with CityView. We paid for the entire CityView Mobile system including hardware and software in just over two months just in gas savings from the reduced travel our inspectors have to make back and forth to the County offices.”

John Meck, Development Services Manager, Rockingham County, VA


Improved productivity

  • Allow inspectors to view all the information they need for their day - schedules, application details and inspections - on a mobile device.
  • Inspections scheduled through CityView are immediately accessible on each inspector’s mobile device. Inspectors are able to plan their days, notify their contractors, initiate and process their inspections in the field.
  • Document discrepancies through photos, videos, and notes as you move through the inspection and upload them to the database.
  • Record inspection results in the field and print or email the inspection report right there and then through a Bluetooth-enabled printer or email the contractor the inspection results before leaving the inspection site. No more entering the results into the system later!

Always access

  • Access CityView Mobile from the mobile devices you have already invested in - iPads, iPhones, Blackberries, Playbooks, Androids, Windows mobile phones and more.
  • Work with or without Wifi or cellular connectivity.
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