A cloud-based electronic plans review solution for everyone


CityView Design Reviewer eliminates the printing and storage of plans, dramatically shortens plan review turnaround, and allows contractors and developers to self-serve online.

As a cloud-based solution, it allows local governments and plans review service providers to receive, review and mark-up plans, provide feedback, and approve plans in a completely paperless process. The solution’s citizen-facing portal makes it simple for developers and contractors to submit plans, review comments, and check the status of their projects online – 24/7.

CityView Design Reviewer is a standalone solution for local governments and plans review agencies – big or small – who review construction plans for regulatory approval as part of a permit issuance process.

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Reduce plan review time

  • Standardize on best practices for electronic plans review while expediting data entry, retrieval, and reporting through the proven workflow in CityView Design Reviewer. This helps you to reduce or eliminate paper processes and decrease the time to process permits.

Easily track changes

  • Easily share, review, mark-up, and track changes with Bluebeam® Revu®. Send review comments back electronically and reduce mistakes and confusion with robust version control and revision comparison tools.

Improve communication

  • CityView Design Reviewer combines electronic submission, versioning and workflow capabilities with the vast functionality of Bluebeam Revu for management of marked up document corrections.

Improve citizen engagement

  • Increase convenience for constituents and contractors and remove the manual processing work from your employees. Citizens can access CityView Design Reviewer’s project portal through their browser 24/7 to submit plans and pay related fees electronically, check the status of their projects’ in review, and much more.

Reduce environmental footprint

  • Significantly reduce the amount of paper received and stored with online submittal of forms and drawings and paperless reviews. Eliminate long line ups and travel as developers and contractors no longer need to travel back and forth with plans.

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