Business Continuity for the New Normal


CityView PlansDrop provides business continuity for the new normal. It is a safe, cost-effective service for municipalities to efficiently receive permit and development plans digitally from constituents and contractors..

The challenge: delivering planning documents

Many municipalities offer only two ways to deliver planning documents:

  • Physical copies - Many require multiple copies of printed plans. Not only is this costly for the applicant and cumbersome for the City, in the era of COVID-19, physically touching someone else's documents may increase the risk of transmitting coronavirus.
  • Email attachments - Delivering digital plan sets by email is often unsuccessful as the files are too large for most mail servers. Not to mention, email is notoriously insecure.
Under these circumstances, maintaining business continuity for both municipalities and the customers they serve is a challenge.

The solution: CityView PlansDrop

CityView PlansDrop is a cloud-based solution that is exclusively offered to address these challenges. Contractors and applicants simply register with PlansDrop to deliver their plans electronically. Municipalities only need an internet connection to retrieve the files. Built-in security ensures proper access to the right files.

An elegant, simple to use solution that decreases or eliminates coronavirus transmission fears, physical post boxes, file size issues and travel considerations, CityView PlansDrop also lets customers track all submissions in one place and allows municipalities to manage their online intakes for verification.

Best of all, CityView's PlansDrop service is completely free for those that want to submit plans to the jurisdictions they do business with. CityView offers the first 15GB of data storage at no charge to municipalities that subscribe. A modest monthly fee applies if the data storage exceeds 15GB at any time during the calendar month.


CityView PlansDrop offers benefits to each party:

  • Contractors receive assurance that files are received securely and safely
  • Customers can upload the files from their own offices and avoid numerous expenses in the process
  • Municipalities receive the files without having to put themselves in harm’s way and knowing that the size of the file will not be a concern
All this is offered and can be maintained without incurring any costs.

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