We empower local governments to build thriving communities

In 1982, we launched one of the first community development and permitting software platforms in North America. Now more than 40 years later we have helped scores of communities across Canada and United States drive efficiency and growth.

Why choose CityView?

Learn why public sector organizations across North America chose CityView as their community development and permitting solution.

Local government experts

Since 1982 we have helped organizations across North America solve their business problems, eliminate time-intensive redundant work, and meet their customer’s expectations. Founded by former local government employees for local government, our unrelenting focus and dedication to the public sector allows us to deliver an outstanding product to our customers.

Customer-suited design

We work in partnership with our customers to continue to evolve and improve the software. We actively gather your needs and suggestions to make enhancements that can be rolled out in regular releases. CityView has a tremendous amount of depth and is completely integrated to meet your business process needs out-of-the-box.

Unsurpassed flexibility

Your regulations, building codes, and departmental organization are not static. Neither is CityView. Our customers use graphical configuration and workflow design tools within CityView to adapt the software to meet their changing needs. The flexibility of the solution empowers customers to evolve at their own pace in a cost-effective manner.

Forward thinking

We are firmly committed to technology innovation. Our industry-leading applications are continuously evolving as we anticipate and address the next generation of business challenges. Our intimate knowledge of the industry allows us to stay in tune with, or ahead of, competitor and customer requirements.

CityView is a part of Harris Computer Systems, a leading provider of vertical software solutions to the public sector, including schools, utility and healthcare agencies throughout North America. Learn more at www.harriscomputer.com.

“As a result of an information technology strategic plan, we identified the need to implement core business and government solutions that would meet current and future needs, based on emerging technologies, IT trends and best practices. After reviewing the market’s leading software solutions, we determined that CityView provided the most flexible solution to meet our diverse range of needs. CityView offered solutions such as cemetery and parking management in addition to permits and land management solutions. The depth of CityView’s configuration tools were a key factor in our decision to select it for our eGovernment solution.”

Steve Wilson, Project Manager, Municipality of Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada

What makes CityView different?

Committed to local government

For 40 years, CityView has worked to strengthen and advance the user of technology in local government.

Ongoing innovation

We are continuously evolving our product to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Financially stable

Part of Harris Computer Systems and Constellation Software Inc. (TSX: CSU), we are dependable and financially stable.


Our suite of products has the flexibility and functionality to handle complex environments – large and small.

Industry expertise

Our highly skilled team has first-hand experience in our customers’ business.

Strong partnerships

Our partnerships with industry leaders provide an easy way for you to extend the power of CityView.