Efficient, effortless business licensing


Encouraging responsible business practices relies on having accurate records of the businesses and other commercial establishments in your jurisdiction. CityView Business Licensing software ensures your records are current and revenues accurate; it facilitates the renewal process through automation; and ensures a wealth of data is available to support economic development initiatives.

Our business license process is 100% electronic

Cherokee County, GA


Deliver convenient customer service

  • Business owners complete the entire licensing process online - from initial application to fee payment and renewals - and track progress. No more calls or line ups at City Hall.

Never miss a license renewal

  • Accurately track licenses and renewals for businesses and contractors as well as any other type of licenses issued.
  • Simplify your workflow with automations that track, issue and renew business licenses, generate and process batch renewal notices, create tax certificates and produce correspondence logs. Never manually generate license renewal paperwork again.

Increase revenue

  • Correctly collect fees by easily identifying expired licenses and accurately calculating penalty and interest charges. CityView calculates the fees for you, incorporating your fee rules, meaning you no longer need to rely on manual calculations, which saves time and safeguards against inaccuracy.

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