Bring animal licensing online

CityView Animal Licensing is an easy solution for collecting and tracking all of the information needed for licensed animals.

Trade time-intensive, manual processes for efficient electronic management of animal licensing including issuing, renewing, and billing. Easily generate reports to locate dangerous or lost animals and/or animals with expired licenses. Keep your field inspectors informed of any relevant animal information when they are out in the field. Arm your animal control inspectors with the animal license information they need to be effective in the field. Give your animal owners convenient, online means to apply for, update and renew their animal licenses.


Registration & renewal made easy for animal owners

  • Owners can register, renew and pay for their animal license online from the comfort of their own home using CityView Portal.
  • Encourage compliance with automated communications that keep owners on track.

GIS integration provides at-a-glance information

  • Couple animal control activities with license knowledge and spatial knowledge - all in CityView - to facilitate the rehoming of lost animals.
  • Track immunizations, distinguishing features, and the movement of animals as they change properties or owners.

Searchable database increases efficiency

  • Efficiently generate license certificates and renewal notices. Batch renew tags.
  • Easily access animal data including images and documents. Search pets by license number, property, owner, distinguishing features, license status and more.
  • Increase revenue with easy fee collection through CityView Cashiering.

Ready to get started?

Automate your animal licensing. Ask us for a demonstration of how CityView can work for you.