The power of CityView business solutions


Productivity is increased by standardizing and automating business processes.


Optimized workflows ensure performance and reduce errors by automating assignments and deadlines, and providing checks & balances to ensure these are met.


Data validation methods and user-assist features ensure ease of use and accurate data entry.


A single source of truth for all your records.


An integrated fees solution that automates the calculation of even the most complex fees, combined with easy payment options, assures accurate and timely collection.


Adaptive technology for easy access by all stakeholders wherever they are and on whatever device, provides efficiency from your staff and convenience for your customers.

“The configurability of CityView allows us to implement changes quickly and at no additional cost. We have support from our own internal IT department, but do not require a dedicated CityView IT person on staff. The system is designed simply enough to allow us to implement business process changes as needed; it doesn’t take a developer to make these changes.”

Ana Silbernagel, Permit Manager and Brenda Flowers, IT Sr. DBA; Cherokee County, GA

Transition to advanced technology and electronic processing
Read how CityView helped the Town of Canmore, Alberta make a smooth transition to advanced technology and electronic processing during the coronavirus pandemic.

The CityView Platform!

Tailor-made for the needs of local government, CityView is a flexible, easy-to-use software solution designed for the long-term.
Our suite of products has the flexibility and functionality to handle complex organizational needs – large and small. 
CityView offers a robust, granular security model with exceptional control over system access and permissions. It includes tools to maintain data integrity, and provides comprehensive auditing of changes.
CityView is flexible enough to meet the needs of each and every customer we work with. Customers are empowered with configuration tools within CityView to make the changes they need as they need them. 



CityView’s cloud-based offering is ideal for municipalities with limited IT resources or those looking to reduce IT costs. CityView takes care of the hosting and software management for you, freeing up staff for other critical duties.


Why choose a subscription solution?

  • Lower up-front costs.
  • Easier administration for your IT staff.
  • Your data is secure in the CityView data center in either USA or Canada.
  • Reliable infrastructure in a professionally managed data center.

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CityView’s installed, on-premise solution is the choice for municipalities who want to deploy the solution in-house within the organization’s IT infrastructure. The IT team is comfortable with maintaining the solution and related processes.


Why choose an on-premise solution?

  • You have funds available in a capital budget.
  • You retain your data and its control.
  • Your IT team has greater control over integrations.
  • You have an existing IT infrastructure to capitalize on.
  • You have a policy of keeping applications in-house.
  • You desire to maximize integration opportunities with multiple, installed applications.