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City of Medicine Hat Increases Collaboration with CityView’s Integrated Solution
August 24, 2020

Medicine Hat upgrades its technology and increases collaboration with CityView’s integrated land management and community development solution.

The City of Medicine Hat in Alberta, Canada had been using an in-house system to manage permits and business licensing for many years, until it became clear a more advanced software solution would be necessary. The City was unable to achieve its goals of collaboration, public accessibility and flexibility within the limitations of its existing system. Medicine Hat turned to CityView, which was able to provide a solution that:

  • Increased collaboration through an integrated suite of modules, centralizing access to data
  • Delivered public accessibility via the CityView Portal so that citizens and business owners can self-serve online
  • Offered a scalable and flexible system that can meet the City’s needs both now and in the future

Medicine Hat’s home-grown system had a number of limitations. For example, there was no single electronic source of information that was accessible to all staff. CityView’s integrated suite of solutions ensures that all users have access to the most up-to-date records and reduces data entry errors and redundancy.

The City’s planning and development services department had trouble keeping up with the demand for permits, inspections, license renewals and the like with its manual system. Now, CityView Business Licensing facilitates the renewal process through automation, providing time-saving workflows for tracking renewal dates and payments. CityView Permits & Inspections, along with CityView Portal, allows for electronic permit applications, automatic tracking and self-service options.

CityView helped Medicine Hat streamline its review process with Electronic Plans Review, a paperless solution for plan reviews that saves time, money and the environment while driving customer satisfaction. The City no longer has to worry about printing, storing and delivering hard-copy drawings as the entire process is now electronic, shortening the review cycle. In addition, Medicine Hat inspectors improved productivity with CityView Mobile, which lets them input inspection results directly from the field.

Thanks to CityView's advanced technologies, Medicine Hat is now well positioned to increase customer satisfaction while improving departmental efficiencies through automated business processes, streamlined workflows, centralized access and accurate data entry.

About Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat, Alberta is a warm, vibrant city of approximately 63,000 residents that fosters progress, innovation and entrepreneurship. The City's scenic landscape is anchored by the broad and mighty South Saskatchewan River, carved coulees and rolling prairies. Medicine Hat boasts more days of sunshine per year (330!) than any other city in Canada. The city is said to have a “sunshine state of mind.”