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City of Cornwall Upgrades CityView Technology by Migrating to Workspace
July 23, 2020

Cornwall staff can now work from anywhere with CityView’s browser-based interface, Workspace.

The City of Cornwall, Ontario recently migrated from CityView Desktop, which is based on a client-server model to CityView Workspace, a browser-based interface. This allows Cornwall staff to access CityView data from anywhere, as long as there is internet access.

The benefits of Workspace to the City are many. Not only does it provide staff with a clean, modern browser interface and an intuitive, user-assist design, it reduces the burden on IT staff since there is no software to install, ever.

Due to Workspace’s visual task bar that walks users through each step of the process, new employees can get up to speed more quickly on the CityView software. Best of all, everything needed for the user to complete their tasks is available on one intuitive screen, saving considerable time. This means staff can view multiple permits at once, for example, without having to switch between screens or applications. Automatic data sync ensures staff is always working on the most current files.

During the migration, Cornwall added CityView’s unique Microsoft Word Add-In tool, which will greatly increase staff productivity. This tool allows the City to create its own standardized correspondence templates, taking advantage of Words’ powerful editing features while being able to merge CityView data seamlessly into its letter outputs.

Because of the coronavirus, CityView delivered all training remotely using its newly developed training materials and WebEx, with positive feedback from Cornwall staff. Cornwall uses CityView to manage property information, process permits and inspections, automate plan reviews, track bylaw cases from citizen request to resolution, and manage animal and business license activities.

About Cornwall

Cornwall is one of the largest cities in Eastern Ontario with a population of nearly 50,000 residents. It is also one of the oldest settlements in Canada, yet today boasts a modern economy led by forward-thinking companies. The City's location on the St. Lawrence River and its numerous parks and recreational facilities make the City an excellent place to raise a family.