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City of Yellowknife Improves Productivity with CityView Mobile
February 24, 2020

The City of Yellowknife, N.W.T. goes live with CityView Mobile, empowering its inspectors to complete a day's work directly from the field

City of YellowknifeYellowknife empowers its inspectors by going live with CityView Mobile. A CityView customer since 2012, Yellowknife inspectors will now be able to complete a day's work directly from the field using their mobile devices. This will help reduce the number of calls Yellowknife receives regarding requests for inspection status updates and will eliminate duplicate data entry since inspectors can manage and record results directly onsite.

“The implementation of CityView Mobile was a success; both the CityView and City of Yellowknife teams worked hard to design a robust project rollout plan and held a high level of coordination that resulted in a seamless and smooth project delivery,” said Younes Oudghough, Systems Analyst for the City of Yellowknife. “CityView implementation staff were technically savvy and responsive to any of our requests, which provided us with peace of mind and confidence,” he continued.

Some of the biggest advantages of CityView Mobile is that it works with or without Wifi or cellular activity on the devices your City has already invested in, such as iPads, iPhones, Android phones and more. Plus, inspectors can print inspection results while onsite through a Bluetooth-enabled printer. Or, they can email the results straight away. Having access to real-time scheduling in the palm of their hands allows inspectors to better plan their site visits for maximum efficiency.

“Staff are very happy with the application and after few days, there is already talk from other divisions being interested in taking advantage of features that CityView Mobile has to offer,” Younes commented.

About Yellowknife

Situated on the Northern shore of Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife is the capital of the Northwest Territories, Canada. The city of Yellowknife has its origins in gold mining and was designated as territorial capital in 1967. Since then the city has grown to around 20,000 residents and has become a cultural, economic and government services hub for the territory. Diamond mining, tourism, transportation and communications are all significant Yellowknife industries. With its modern amenities and small-town feel, Yellowknife has a number of interesting attractions, including the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre, numerous walking trails and the northern lights (aurora borealis), which are best seen between late August and mid-April.