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The City of Langford, BC Goes Paperless with CityView Electronic Plans Review
September 16, 2019

City of LangfordThe City of Langford, BC expands its CityView suite of offerings by adopting Electronic Plans Review, which will help create a fully paperless office.

To date, the City has required developers to submit two paper copies of all plans with every permit application. This has led to masses of archived drawings that must be stored for many years. CityView Electronic Plans Review will help them move toward a paperless process, eliminating the need to deliver large format prints and preventing the growing need for storage. Both the City and its contractors are excited to adopt this new solution.

The City of Langford has been a CityView customer for more than 25 years. Adopting CityView Electronic Plans Review will enable the City to:

  • Increase speed and ease of plan submission by eliminating paper and storage
  • Track documents from submission to approval through a central repository
  • Optimize service with real-time collaboration and improved workflows

About the City of Langford

The City of Langford, with a population of 35,000 and growing, was recently named one of the best communities to retire in Canada. Located on the southern end of Vancouver Island, Langford enjoys warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Numerous urban parks and fairgrounds dot the cityscape and play host to festivals large and small, from the Summer Festival to the popular Luxton Fair.