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Routt County and the City of Steamboat Springs Select CityView to Meet Long-Term Community Development Needs
September 10, 2019

Routt County and Steamboat Springs
Routt County and the City of Steamboat Springs, in northwest Colorado, selected CityView to meet their long-term community development needs in a two-jurisdiction project, with implementations for each coinciding.

After an in-depth Request for Proposal (RFP) and demonstration process, Routt County and the city selected CityView as having the desired system capabilities and functional requirements that will integrate data, applications, permits and licenses; providing citizens a one-stop shopping experience across Routt County. CityView met the shared goals for each organization: namely to improve transparency, efficiency and communication between staff and the public.

The new CityView software will allow both government entities to more effectively manage related property records, applications and permits on a project basis, in order to follow the process from inception through to final completion and project closeout. Using the same system provides consistency and increases collaboration between city and county staff members, public users (e.g., inspectors and contractors) and citizens.

“A key objective for us is making the process easier, more efficient and streamlined for our citizens,” said the city’s planning director, Rebecca Bessey. “CityView’s platform integrates information, modernizes processes and enhances technology in a collaborative way between the city and county.”

Routt and Steamboat Springs selected multiple modules within CityView’s suite of solutions, including but not limited to:

  • CityView Electronic Plans Review for a paperless review process. It combines electronic submission, versioning and workflow capabilities with the vast functionality of Bluebeam products for the management of marked up documents and online collaboration.
  • CityView Portal will help satisfy the jurisdictions’ goal of improved transparency and communication between staff and the public by offering self-service options to contractors and citizens.
  • CityView Mobile increases inspectors’ productivity as they will be able to complete building and code enforcement reports directly from the field.
  • CityView’s Microsoft Exchange integration will provide an automated feature for the jurisdictions to coordinate inspections scheduling, eliminating double-booking and ensuring inspectors maintain a balanced workload.

Routt County chose CityView’s hosted, subscription-based offering while the city selected the on-premise solution using Select, CityView’s standard and most popular delivery model. The CityView Suite will integrate with both jurisdiction’s financial systems. The new software is expected to be up and running next summer.

About Routt County

Routt County is a diverse environment offering breathtaking mountain vistas and picturesque ranch lands. Located in northwest Colorado, the county encompasses a total of 2,362 square miles. The mission of Routt County is to efficiently deliver a balance of public services and infrastructure to its 25,000 citizens in order to provide a safe and healthy place to live for present and future generations.

About the City of Steamboat Springs

Located in northwest Colorado, the City of Steamboat Springs was incorporated in 1900 and lies against the western flank of the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains. With a history rooted in the American west, this genuine and authentic community embraces a year-round mountain lifestyle; a western heritage that still holds strong generations later; an Olympian tradition spanning nearly a century; abundant outdoor recreation centered around the Yampa River, namesake mineral springs and miles of trails and open space; and a passion for taking care of its neighbors through a diversity of community organizations.