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CityView customers embrace e-Gov services to deliver faster, friendlier service
May 7, 2019
Many local governments are facing significant population growth and increased demand for community development services. This tsunami of work coupled with the changing expectations of citizens and businesses mean that organizations need to look for new ways to deliver services.

CityView customers have embraced the CityView Portal to deliver modern, efficient services to their citizens and businesses. In the last few months, six clients across five provinces and states have gone live with the CityView Portal.

The CityView Portal provides an intuitive web interface for citizens, contractors, and businesses. The ability to self-serve at any time of the day or night – including weekends and holidays – means that there is no more waiting in line at City Hall or waiting on hold. Efficient and user-friendly, the CityView Portal takes City Hall to the constituents.

What do existing CityView Portal clients and users have to say?

“Between December 2017 and March 2018, 40% of building and trade permits entered have been by portal users,” says Chatham County, NC.

“If I did everything right - this has been the easiest submittal I have ever done,” Chatham County portal user. “All counties need to follow you guys in the next generation for submittals.”

“Cherokee County had its 8,000th CityView Portal user get activated on Saturday morning, February 9, 2019 at 8:16:59am. The CityView Portal is an invaluable 24/7 resource to our citizens and businesses that conduct business in the county,” says Cherokee County, GA.

The CityView Portal provides the ability to initiate code cases, apply for permits, request meetings and inspections, view public information, subscribe to activity in jurisdictions of interest, and more online anytime.