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CityView deepens integration with Bluebeam for their browser-based solution – Workspace
October 30, 2018

The certified integration with Bluebeam Studio facilitates paperless electronic plans review

We are happy to announce that the integration between CityView’s browser-based solution – Workspace – and Bluebeam Studio Prime is now Bluebeam certified. This deep-level of integration streamlines the plans review process while improving communication.

If you are still using a paper-based plan review process, managing plan reviews can mean paper plan sets that are costly to provide, difficult to work with, and hard to track. A paperless, electronic plans solution can:

Increase speed and ease of submission
Save time and money and eliminate the need for multiple paper copies (and their storage) with an electronic plan review process. The CityView Portal allows residents, developers and design professionals to directly upload their electronic documents and plans to your building department.

Track documents from submission to approval
Documents are stored in a central document repository with CityView. Once verified, they can easily be shared, reviewed, marked-up, and changes tracked with Bluebeam Revu. This integration facilitates a completely paperless workflow from permit application through to issuance of the final Certificate of Occupancy.

Optimize service
For many local governments, the process of managing traditional hard-copy submitted plans and utilizing a dated plan review workflow, can cause delays, errors and inefficiencies. Real-time collaboration with other reviewers, designers or contractors with Bluebeam Studio allows for a faster, more consistent review cycle.

These improved efficiencies and decreased review times may help your community’s developers finish their projects earlier and with fewer delays. Electronic plan review can be another way that you can optimize service, save time, and reduce costs.

CityView is the only provider to offer a Bluebeam-endorsed integration for community development applications. This integration is available for all CityView Desktop customers and USA-based CityView Workspace customers as part of the CityView Electronic Plans Review solution.