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The 2018 OBOA Awards: CityView receives Exhibitor Special Recognition
October 3, 2018

How do you know you have become an integral part of the local government community? Well, one way is when organizations like the Ontario Building Officials Association (OBOA) recognizes your contribution. We would like to thank the OBOA for unanimously awarding the Exhibitor Special Recognition Award to CityView this year.

This award recognizes companies that work on an ongoing basis to further the aims and objectives of Building Officials and the industry in Ontario by expanding their knowledge base. Further, these companies attend and contribute to the OBOA AGM and Training Sessions over multiple years.

Winning this award recognizes the intentional approach that our team has taken to contributing to the Ontario community and meeting their specific needs. With over 30 customers in the province, we work to incorporate legislated requirements such as Tarion, MPAC and Stats Canada reporting, as well as performance metrics defined by the Province, out-of-the-box, into the CityView solution.

Being a part of the community is its own reward, but it’s also great to receive third party recognition.

2018 OBOA Award Finalist