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The Township of Centre Wellington Goes Live with CityView Property Information and Cemetery Management
March 5, 2018

Township of Centre WellingtonOntario’s Township of Centre Wellington recently went live with CityView's Property Information and Cemetery Management solutions.

CityView Property Information provides the Township with a powerful inventory of all property. It enables staff to quickly and accurately locate parcels within the database via intuitive search capabilities; view and manage associated activities for each parcel; and eliminate time-consuming manual activities, repetitive data entry and inaccurate information.

CityView Cemetery Management provides Centre Wellington with additional time-saving mechanisms by automatically tracking and maintaining plot reservations, plot purchases, and available plot inventory. Citizens benefit too: Township staff are able to help the public facilitate the retrieval of records, and process memorial and monument applications.

CityView Cemetery Management is simple, affordable, and flexible enough to meet your organization’s unique needs. Request a demo today!

About the Township

The Township of Centre Wellington is nestled in the heart of Southwestern Ontario and neighbors the communities of Elora and Fergus. Its 28,000 residents enjoy the benefits of small town living, rural life, and a stunning array of nature, such as the Grand River.