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Get the most out of your CityView application! Save with our Tiered Maintenance Membership Plans
January 23, 2018

Tiered Maintenance Memberships and Health Checks help you get the most out of your application.

Save with Service Bundles

CityView's Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships let you select the service level that best fits your organization’s needs and budget. These pre-purchased bundle of services can help save money for your organization, and the benefits go above and beyond your standard annual maintenance and support.

Membership has it's advantages. Wouldn't it be nice if you only had to obtain budget approval annually, instead of each time your organization needed to add a service to improve efficiency? Each membership includes at least one Health Check and one or more passes to the Harris Customer Training Conference, a learning and social opportunity you don’t want to miss! Refer to the table below to see what's included in each plan:

Included in each plan:




Pre-paid Annual Harris Conference Registrations




Additional Annual updates
(2 are included in your base agreement)




Health Checks




Remote Training tailored to Your Selected Topic

6 hours

12 hours

24 hours

Scheduled Process Support 

0 hours

16 hours

16 hours

Other Support Services (reports, configuration, customizations)

12 hours

24 hours

48 hours

Health Check

While one or more annual Health Checks are included in our Maintenance Memberships, these can also be purchased as a standalone service.

The Health Check is a multi-point review of your CityView environment to uncover areas of inefficiency, performance bottlenecks and untapped opportunities. It provides recommendations that will lead to more productive use, better quality data and a system that keeps pace with CityView enhancements.

The resulting Health Check Report groups our findings and recommendations into three categories:


The Health Check looks for instances where large volumes of data are being stored unnecessarily, as these can impact system speed and overall performance. This unnecessary data can complicate navigation or slow down your ability to perform routine tasks, leading to inefficiency and undesired wait times for front counter staff and customers. Addressing these issues ensures end users are able to use the system more efficiently.


The Health Check provides indicators of where additional training or configuration can improve the use of the system and quality and reliability of the data. Recommendations may include: enabling certain currently disabled features, altering configuration, cleaning up data or obtaining additional training.


CityView moves with the evolution of technology. New and better methods of product behavior are always being introduced. The Health Check examines the state of the environment relative to current methods and makes recommendations for improvement. This can include changes to business rules and configuration or training on new methods and features.

Each Health Check is followed up with a personalized review of results and recommendations. Health Checks are included in our maintenance memberships, or can be purchased as a stand-alone service.

Ready to start the new year off right? Schedule your organization's software health check, and/or purchase a maintenance membership today! Contact Us.