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Introducing the CityView Forum
January 19, 2018

The CityView User Forum offers a unique way for CityView users across North America to collaborate with each other.

CityView User ForumCityView believes in a collaborative culture that actively participates in a helpful and friendly community. To that end, we are introducing the CityView User Forum.

We want this User Forum community to be an organic way of sharing solutions and helpful tips to help anybody who may come across a similar situation. The User Forum does not replace Feedback; this is not the place to log issues or escalate current feedbacks.

The User Forum is the place for:


We encourage new members to introduce themselves here; get to know one another and share your interests. Then, start collaborating!
CityView User Forum Screen

Asking and Answering

You can ask specific or broad questions about CityView products or services within the community. These questions will be posted to the User Forum for all other users to access and respond. CityView Support will also monitor these posts.

It's also a place to discuss relevant matters facing municipalities today, trends in the industry, upcoming legislation effecting your departments, or the role public sector entities play now or in the future.

Making Suggestions

Have some feedback to share? Don't be shy - drop us a note; we want to hear from you!

If you have an idea that will potentially make your life easier, chances are it may positively affect other users as well. We encourage you to share your thoughts by posting ideas that you would like to see implemented in future versions of our products.

If your suggestion is of a more urgent nature please log the request in Feedback to go through the regular support and services channels.