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Chatham County, NC Goes Live on CityView
November 1, 2017

CityView offers process improvements to the County through modern technology

Chatham CountyWe’re glad to announce that Chatham County, NC is now live on CityView’s Electronic Plans Review, Mobile, and Portal.

CityView offers process improvements to Chatham County through modern technology. CityView Portal is enabling the County’s 70,000 residents to, among other things, apply for new permits, check permit status, pay permit fees, set up inspections, and view inspection results. CityView Mobile is providing inspection and code enforcement officers a way to remain connected to the office while out in the field. CityView’s EPR is bringing a paperless solution to the County’s Planning and Permits & Inspections departments, speeding up and simplifying the review process for all.

Jenny Williams, Central Permitting Director for Chatham County, complimented the CityView team on the implementation and training experience:

“I want to thank Branka Wilmshurst for her patience and knowledge during our end user training. It has to be difficult dealing with the many business processes that different jurisdictions and departments follow. Branka offered Chatham County valuable insight into our business process and offered suggestions that we would not have otherwise known. She brought excitement to a group of inspectors that were nervous about the technological change of going live with Mobile and thanks to her they are embracing it.

“It was very beneficial by having the end users do the actual driving during the training; most people learn best by doing instead of watching. Thank you for bringing Chatham County up to the latest version and informing us of the latest features.

“During our Go Live the CityView team has been quick to respond to our feedback and concerns.Thank you again for being available when we need you. We know that there will be growing pains, but we also know that in the end it will be worth it. Don’t be surprised if in the future we ask Branka back to add more cool features.”

Chatham County is home to several major universities including, but not limited to, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Duke University.