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CityView Expands Reach with New, Hosted Subscription-based Software
October 9, 2017

CityView now offers Building, Planning, Licensing, Inspections, Public Works and other departments the the benefits of cloud computing with subscription-based software. The CityView modules you’ve come to rely on to reduce manual processes, increase citizen services, and shorten issuance times remain just as flexible and reliable as always. Our cloud offering is ideal for municipalities with limited IT resources or those looking to reduce IT costs, as CityView takes care of the hosting and software management for you, freeing up staff for other critical duties.

CityView Cloud Services

CityView’s hosted subscription software provides you with a worry-free solution. No hardware to purchase or maintain; no license or maintenance fees (only a subscription); no client to install…plus:

  • Lower up-front costs means you receive a quicker return on investment while decreasing total cost of ownership.
  • Easier administration for your IT staff.
  • Your data stays secure in the Harris-owned data center in Pittsburgh, PA.
  • Reliable infrastructure in a professionally managed data center. 
  • Reduced time-to-value  for new features and functionalities as your product is always kept up to date with the regular updates and enhancements provided by CityView.
  • Reliable CityView Support: Seamless support for your CityView software.

The bottom line: Workspace, CityView’s browser-based interface, is ideal for cloud computing. Based on the very latest of browser technologies, it features the flexibility and configurability you’ve come to expect from your CityView software in an intuitive, easy to use interface that has all of the benefits of a browser-based system and the user experience of a true business application. Workspace in combination with CityView cloud computing means that as long as you have an Internet connection, you’ll have access to your data.