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Municipality of Anchorage – Ombudsman Goes Live with CityView Portal
June 5, 2015
AnchorageThe Municipal Ombudsman's Office within the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska, is live with CityView Portal, which allows Anchorage citizens to submit complaints, upload photos, documents, and video files as well as check the status of complaints submitted. 

The Ombudsman’s Office has been using CityView since 2013 for complaint tracking, but the addition of the CityView Portal increases transparency of government to citizens, and provides residents with 24/7 online self-service options.

The Ombudsman’s office receives approximately 1,500 cases a year; so far this year, 600 cases have been submitted.

The Municipal Ombudsman's Office was established in addition to other remedies or rights of appeal, as an independent, impartial municipal office, readily available to the public, responsible to the Assembly, empowered to investigate the acts of Municipal agencies and the Anchorage School District, and to recommend appropriate changes toward the goals of safeguarding the rights of persons and of promoting higher standards of competency, efficiency, and equity in the provision of municipal services.