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CityView Portal: Improved Usability for Mobile Devices
April 9, 2015

We’re pleased to announce that the CityView Portal now has improved usability for tablets, smartphones and handheld devices.

The CityView Portal is an important tool that provides citizens and contractors with the means to self-serve. Completely integrated with all modules in the CityView Suite, citizens and contracts can use the Portal to initiate code cases, apply for permits, request meetings and inspections, view public information regarding specific properties, and much more.

Now the CityView Portal will present an adaptive interface that is much more usable on small-screen and touch-screen devices. The Portal automatically detects whether the browser is running on a smartphone or tablet and uses a small-screen friendly interface.

Users have the option to switch to the traditional desktop browser interface by choosing the "Switch to Desktop Site" menu item (shown below).  Portal Home Page icons and menu in the new tablet/smartphone mode:

Additional screen shots: