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8 Benefits Rocky View County has Gained from CityView
March 6, 2015

Rocky View CountyJeff Fleischer, Team Lead for Rocky View County’s Agricultural Services has been using CityView for noxious weed tracking and inspections for a year now, and has seen many benefits in productivity, processing, and reporting. Jeff cites 8 ways CityView has contributed to his team’s efficiency:

1 – CityView lets us easily track the progress of an inspection case

2 – I can search all of my team’s activities for the day, and view any cases that are past due

3 – When we receive a complaint from a citizen, we can immediately assign an inspector to that case, and then we know who’ll be following up and when.

4 – CityView’s workflows remove any guess work, making it easy for inspectors to follow the steps necessary to complete a case

5 – CityView’s GIS integration is user-friendly, has easy-to-read reports, and lets us edit polygons if a mistake is made

6 – Using CityView’s Microsoft Outlook Add-In to attach emails directly to a case from Outlook is super convenient, and improves productivity by taking out an extra step; I don’t have to switch between applications

7 – CityView’s reporting is incredible – we can chart out a variety of data, and even build custom reports as needed

8 – CityView’s intuitive search capabilities help team members find what they’re looking for quickly and easily

“The CityView Suite has worked really well for us; it has improved the way we complete our weed inspections, and its features and capabilities helps keep the entire team on task,” Jeff added.

Rocky View County is located just outside Calgary, Alberta.