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CityView Facilitates City-Contractor Relationship
February 14, 2013
w solution to their sewer system maintenance contractor, Westshore Environmental Ltd.  CityView is provided to the company over the City's wide area network, enabling ready access to parcel data and navigation through to the City's comprehensive GIS system using the CityView interface.  Not only does this provide convenient access to information needed by the contractor to conduct their services, but it also serves to reduce the number of calls Westshore Environmental needs to make to City Hall.

West Shore Environmental Services Inc., a division of Corix Utilities, signed an agreement with the City of Langford to construct, own, operate and maintain extensions to the City of Langford's sewage collection system. This includes operating and maintaining the existing sewers as well as handling all customer inquiries and concerns. The agreement took effect on September 29th, 2004.