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Get Peace of Mind with CityView's Hosted Solution
December 8, 2017

Explore the Benefits of CityView's Subscription Model

Let CityView host your Land Management Software, data and infrastructure in the CityView-hosted solution

CityView now offers a cloud based deployment of the application with a subscription-based model for new customers, and a managed services model for existing customers. Why should you look at implementing a cloud based solution? Primarily for three reasons: certainty of costs, security, and flexibility.
CityView Cloud Solution

Cost Benefits

In an on premise deployment model you are responsible for ensuring you have serviceable hardware. Additionally, you require staff or a third party that understand not only the application but the database and operating systems used by the software. This means you need to deploy these resources regularly for database, operating system, and hardware maintenance.

As your relationship with your software provider should typically span many years and both hardware and software advance rapidly – in order to keep up, you must make regular investments in new hardware and ensure administrator skill sets are up to date.

With CityView cloud hosting we offload the requirement to have physical hardwareor the need to have technically proficient IT staff to support your internal and external facing Land Management software.

Security Benefits

The security risks in today’s world are much more sophisticated than just fighting the nuisance of spam and phishing attacks. The ‘WannaCry’ ransomware attack earlier this year is an example of the sophistication of security threats to your data. 

While it is impossible to predict the next security threat, with CityView cloud hosting we deploy the latest security protocols in our hosting center. This helps protect against threats to your data via sophisticated anti-virus and anti-malware tools.

Additionally, we ensure your data is backed up regularly at alternate locations. If an attack is ever launched, CityView can bring up a new environment with backed up data, and you can have your system back up and running within hours.

Flexibility Benefits

Need more storage? Require more processing power? With a hosted solution, it's much quicker to add storage or increase processing power than it is to purchase new on-premise hardware.

Always be up to date. With our hosted model, you'll always have the latest non-beta release of the CityView software ready to install. This makes adopting new features simpler, and gives you the flexibility to quickly add new modules should you desire to expand your CityView product suite.

The Bottom Line

The CityView subscription and managed services offerings present cost certainty and peace of mind for deployment and usage of your Community Development and Land Management software. Contact us today!