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At CityView, we're committed to revolutionizing the way you work. Our innovative browser-based Workspace solution empowers your team with simplicity, efficiency and anytime, anywhere access to critical data. We're going to delve into the recent migrations of two long-standing CityView customers in Alberta, the City of Leduc and the City of Medicine Hat, as they transitioned from CityView Desktop to Workspace. Through their experiences, we'll explore the tangible advantages Workspace can bring to your own municipal operations.

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Simplify your workflow

CityView Workspace offers a streamlined user experience, eliminating the need for endless clicking and searching. Our intuitive interface ensures that all essential data is readily accessible, saving time and alleviating frustration. For the City of Leduc and the City of Medicine Hat, this simplified workflow has transformed their operations, allowing staff to complete tasks with ease and efficiency.

Enhance productivity

With CityView Workspace, productivity soars to new heights. From simplified data entry to user-assist features and customizable dashboards, our solution is tailored to meet unique needs. Both cities have experienced seamless navigation and enhanced productivity since migrating to Workspace, allowing them to achieve more in less time.

Visualize tasks

CityView Workspace includes a highly visual task/activity bar, conveniently located at the bottom of the screen. This feature ensures that users stay on top of their workflow, with constant access to essential tasks and processes. The City of Leduc and the City of Medicine Hat have welcomed this visual approach, which makes navigation through business processes easier than ever before.

Embrace an intuitive user experience

We prioritize user experience above all else. Our user assist features guide users through each crucial step with precision, ensuring accurate data entry and seamless navigation. 

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Keith Friesen from the City of Medicine Hat praised the smooth migration process to Workspace, highlighting the user-friendly interface and responsive support staff:

“Since the migration, staff have found using Workspace to be more user-friendly and more responsive than the Desktop version of the program. This met our goal behind migrating to Workspace in the first place, which was about working more efficiently and increasing the quality of life of our permit issuers. 
“The Workspace migration itself went smoothly, with only minor issues or downtime through the process. The support staff who handled the migration were extremely responsive, and addressed issues that came up in testing and go-live quickly and knowledgeably.”

Transform the way you work

With simplified workflows, enhanced productivity and an intuitive user experience, Workspace empowers organizations to achieve their goals more efficiently than ever before. Experience the difference for yourself: schedule a demo or request a quote from our sales team by emailing Join the City of Leduc and the City of Medicine Hat in unlocking the power of CityView Workspace to transform the way you work.