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CityView is thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Jasmine Pearson, who recently joined us as a data conversion specialist. With a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from the University of Calgary, Jasmine brings a unique blend of scientific acumen and a newfound passion for data science to our team.

During her time at university, Jasmine's journey took an unexpected turn when she embarked on a summer internship focusing on clean lithium extraction. It was here that she delved into the world of data science and discovered her true calling. Recognizing the potential of data to drive decision-making processes, Jasmine swiftly adapted her skill set to align with her newfound passion.

Driven by her curiosity and love for exploring innovative solutions, Jasmine thrives on using data to inform and optimize various aspects of technology and processes. Whether she's improving efficiency or solving complex challenges, Jasmine approaches every task with creativity and enthusiasm.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Jasmine finds joy in a variety of hobbies. From riding her horse to expressing herself through painting, she embraces opportunities for creativity and self-expression. Her affinity for art extends to her work, where she excels in data visualization projects, showcasing her talent for layout and color.

CityView is proud to have Jasmine on board and excited to witness the impact she'll make on our team. If you're seeking your next career opportunity, explore our open positions and join us in shaping the future of innovation together.