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The power of CityView is in its integration expertise and processing speed

Are you tired of struggling with integration issues, manual payment processing, and slow permit approvals? CityView is here to transform your experience. With over 40 years of expertise in local government software solutions, we're equipped to tackle your challenges head-on, leaving you with more time to focus on what matters most.

True integration excellence

Lower your total cost of ownership by leveraging our integration expertise. Benefit from true integrations with third-party products while avoiding makeshift solutions. Take advantage of the flexibility to maintain your preferred systems.

Effortless cashiering and fee management

CityView Cashiering streamlines fee management, eliminating errors and saving time. Easily configure and modify fee structures with automatic activation and expiry dates. Automatically calculated fees seamlessly populate required fields, reducing manual errors.

Increase the speed and ease of submission

For many local governments, the process of managing traditional hard-copy submitted plans and utilizing a dated plan review workflow causes delays, errors and inefficiencies. CityView Electronic Plans Review (EPR) offers a true integration with Bluebeam® Revu® for a faster, more consistent review cycle.

Streamline communication and reduce project delays

CityView Portal allows direct upload of electronic documents for residents, contractors and design professionals. Alleviate the workload on municipal employees by allowing citizens to initiate code cases, apply for permits, request meetings and inspections, view public information, and more online, anytime, from anywhere.

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Get the support you need, when you need it

CityView's team of experts, many of whom worked for public sector organizations themselves, are committed to exceeding your expectations by providing reliable and consistent support. All CityView customers have access to ongoing support via our customer portal, as well as connection points via phone, web and email. Our unique "Feedback" system ensures your input directly influences product enhancements.

Innovation and reliability

CityView brings innovation and reliability to the ever-evolving landscape of local government operations. Our professionally managed data centers for Cloud customers guarantee reliable infrastructure, fostering an environment of uninterrupted service for municipalities.

Customize with ease

CityView offers a highly customizable platform that empowers users to tailor the system to their needs without extensive programming knowledge. With easy-to-use configuration tools, you can streamline workflows, reduce errors and boost user engagement. Our solution ensures familiarity, cuts training costs and seamlessly integrates upgrades for ongoing efficiency gains. 

Reduce the learning curve via seamless integration with Microsoft tools

CityView's unique Microsoft Word and Outlook add-in tools let you capitalize on programs you’re already familiar with. Take advantage of the familiar user-friendly, powerful editing features of Word to merge CityView data seamlessly into your letter outputs. Make the most of your time by leveraging CityView tasks, appointments and to-do lists from right within Microsoft Outlook.

Future-proof your investment

We minimize downtime by scheduling upgrades during non-working hours and notifying customers in advance. CityView's commitment to ongoing upgrades ensures the solution remains relevant and adaptable to future demands.

Ready to make the switch?

Don't settle for software that doesn’t deliver. Make the switch to CityView today and experience a smoother, more efficient tomorrow.

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