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Inver Grove Heights, MN Goes Live with CityView Code Enforcement
August 31, 2017

Code compliance will help the City track and manage incidents from citizen complaint to case resolution.

Inver Grove HeightsCityView is pleased to announce that the City of Inver Grove Heights, M N is live with CityView Code Enforcement. The City has been a valued customer since 2006, tracking and automating all permitting processes with CityView. In a recent initiative aimed at integrating departmental processes and information, Inver Grove Heights added CityView Code Enforcement and Rental Housing to their suite of solutions, and will benefit from the ease of data sharing between these modules and CityView Permits & Inspections.

The City will be able to provide mobile inspections and public services through CityView Mobile and CityView Portal. With Code Enforcement now complete, the next in this phased implementation approach is Rental Housing. Inver Grove Heights recently approved a rental housing ordinance. CityView will provide the mechanism to track rental licenses and inspections; support the maintenance of structures to preserve neighborhood stability; protect the quality of rental properties; and maintain property values.

Interested in Code Compliance? See how CityView can help.

About the City of Inver Grove Heights

Today, Inver Grove Heights is home to approximately 30,000 residents who have chosen this area whose boundaries expand over 28 square miles of rolling wooded terrain that provides for an engaging mix of residential dwellings and commercial facilities. In addition, the schools, park facilities, community center and golf course are among the Twin Cities best.