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Navigating the landscape of software solutions available to local governments can be complex and overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to replace your legacy system or need to upgrade your technology, this article delves into the top five ways CityView’s community development suite triumphs over its competitors. If you’re struggling with a lack of support, time-consuming manual processes and disparate systems, read on!

1. Ongoing support and enhancements

Are you experiencing a lack of support from your current software vendor? Is the product not keeping up with current technology? Our commitment to customer success is unwavering. With CityView, you gain access to ongoing support through our customer portal, phone, web or email. Receive electronic access to newly released documentation and engage in annual customer conferences. Our unique "Feedback" system ensures that your input directly influences our regular product enhancements and updates.

2. Effortless cashiering and fee management

Manual processes for cashiering and fee management can be error-prone and time-consuming. CityView Cashiering transforms this experience by allowing you to effortlessly configure and modify your fee structure. Set automatic activation and expiry dates for fees, eliminating manual errors with automatically calculated fees that seamlessly populate in the required fields.

3. Streamlined document management

Sifting through online documents should enhance productivity, not impede it. CityView understands the importance of streamlined document management. Our solution seamlessly integrates with industry-leading Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) products, such as Laserfiche, OnBase, SharePoint, Questys and more. With CityView, you can dynamically retrieve documents from your EDMS based on related metadata, so that regardless of how or when a document gets added, CityView will be able to retrieve it. 

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4. True integration with Bluebeam

CityView stands out with its Electronic Plans Review (EPR). As a Bluebeam® authorized partner, CityView leverages Bluebeam's mark-up capabilities to revolutionize the entire plan review process. Experience paperless plan reviews, streamlined submissions and efficient tracking all the way through to approval.

5. Simplified correspondence and letters

Communicating effectively shouldn't be hindered by complex tools. CityView’s unique Microsoft Word Add-In makes correspondence a breeze. Capitalize on the familiar user-friendly, powerful editing features of Word and merge CityView data seamlessly into your letter outputs. No coding or complicated mail merges required!

What our customers say

“CityView is helping take the Bay County community development department into a new era. An era of cloud-based security, mobility, faster customized workflows and focused reporting on key performance indicators,” said Ian Crelling, community development director for Bay County, Florida. Learn more about the County’s transition from TRAKiT to CityView.

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Choosing a new community development solution is a transformative decision for your municipality. Since 1982, CityView has been providing innovative solutions to propel communities forward with efficiency, accuracy and current technology. Make the switch today and embark on a journey toward a more streamlined, supported and advanced municipal solution with CityView.

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