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Bay County Go-Live

We're thrilled to announce that Bay County, Florida, has officially gone live with CityView! This momentous transition marks the beginning of a new era for the County, as they've harnessed the power of CityView's hosted subscription solution, bidding farewell to their previous CentralSquare TRAKiT (formerly CRW) system.

In just one day following their go-live, Bay County had already processed an impressive 138 permit applications, addressed 23 code enforcement cases and welcomed 53 Portal registrants. This swift and seamless start is a testament to the County's commitment to streamlining operations and providing top-notch services to its citizens.

CityView Permits & Inspections has revolutionized the entire permitting process, from initial application to the certificate of occupancy or use. This transformation aims to boost the accuracy and consistency of application processing, ultimately enhancing citizen satisfaction and convenience.

CityView Code Enforcement, another integral component of the County's upgrade, offers a comprehensive system that tracks cases from the moment they are initiated through to resolution. With real-time access to case information, both in the office and out in the field, staff can now work more efficiently, ensuring timely case resolutions and satisfied citizens.

In addition to these upgrades, CityView Portal provides an intuitive and user-friendly platform for citizens, contractors and businesses to serve themselves, effectively alleviating the workload on County employees. This self-service approach empowers individuals to navigate County processes and access vital information with ease.

“CityView is helping take the Bay County community development department into a new era. An era of cloud-based security, mobility, faster customized workflows and focused reporting on key performance indicators,” said Ian Crelling, community development director for the County.

"With the adoption of CityView's citizen and contractor portal, employee customizable Workspace, and inspection-friendly mobile app, Bay County will be able to better meet the needs of our growing community, process permits and reviews in a more efficient manner, and provide transparent government services to our citizens and businesses,” he continued.

Nestled along the stunning Gulf of Mexico in Northwest Florida, Bay County encompasses vibrant cities such as Panama City and Panama City Beach. With a thriving population of more than 180,000 residents, the county's growth rate is twice the national average. The adoption of CityView is a pivotal step in ensuring that the County's services keep pace with its dynamic expansion.

Bay County, Florida, is embarking on an exciting journey with CityView, focused on efficiency, transparency and enhanced services. We're excited to be part of this transformation and look forward to witnessing the positive impact it will have on the community.

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