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CityView brings innovation and reliability to the ever-evolving landscape of local government operations. For more than 40 years, we have empowered communities across Canada and the United States to drive efficiency and growth.

Explore the key features that make CityView the preferred choice for local governments.

Unparalleled flexibility

CityView has always been at the forefront of adaptability. Whether you opt for cloud or on-premise solutions, our implementation options provide unsurpassed flexibility to cater to your unique business needs. Multi-channel, anywhere/anytime access ensures seamless operations in an ever-changing environment.

Intuitive user experience

At CityView, we understand the significance of user experience. Our modern workspace is designed with utmost intuitiveness, featuring automated workflows tailored to follow your organization’s business processes. This commitment to an intuitive design ensures that our software becomes an integral part of your daily operations, that is easy to use and quick to learn for new staff.

Full-service data conversion

Embarking on a CityView journey involves a seamless transition of historical data. Our data conversion specialists bring significant expertise and experience to every implementation, guaranteeing the smooth import and export of local government land management data.

Integration excellence

Lowering the total cost of ownership is a priority for public sector organizations. We provide true integrations with a range of third-party products, offering you the ability to maintain your preferred systems to ensure a cohesive and streamlined experience for your municipality.

Risk reduction strategies

CityView's solutions are not just flexible and intuitive; they are designed to minimize risks. Enjoy multi-channel access, robust workflows aligned with industry best practices, and reliable disaster recovery services. It's a comprehensive approach to ensure the continuity and resilience of your operations.

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Discover the full suite of software offerings at CityView. From development to code enforcement, licensing, and regulatory services, our solutions cover it all. Streamline permitting, inspections, reviews, and approvals, with online processing and payments that engage both citizens and contractors.

What our customers say

Real success stories from CityView customers further emphasize the impact we have on local government operations. Their experiences speak volumes about the positive changes CityView brings to communities. Ian Crelling of Bay County, Fla., who partnered with CityView in 2023, had this to say about the County’s selection:

“CityView is helping take the Bay County community development department into a new era. An era of cloud-based security, mobility, faster customized workflows and focused reporting on key performance indicators.”

Learn what other CityView customers have to say:

Customer Success Stories

Why-Choose-CityView-sml-1-1The CityView advantage

Learn why public sector organizations across North America choose CityView as their community development and permitting solution. (*Click the image on the left to view larger!)

Local government experts

Since 1982 we have helped organizations across North America solve their business problems, eliminate time-intensive redundant work, and meet their customer’s expectations. Founded by former local government employees for local government, our unrelenting focus and dedication to the public sector allows us to deliver an outstanding product to our customers. 

Customer-suited design

We work in partnership with our customers to continue to evolve and improve the software. We actively gather your needs and suggestions to make enhancements that can be rolled out in regular releases. CityView has a tremendous amount of depth and is completely integrated to meet your business process needs with best practice workflows out-of-the-box.

Unsurpassed flexibility

Your regulations, building codes, and departmental organization are not static. Neither is CityView. Our customers use our industry best configuration tools, including a graphical workflow design tool, within CityView to adapt the software to meet their changing needs. The flexibility of the solution empowers customers to evolve at their own pace in a cost-effective manner.

Forward thinking

We are firmly committed to technology innovation. Our industry-leading applications are continuously evolving as we anticipate and address the next generation of business challenges. Our intimate knowledge of the industry allows us to stay in tune with, or ahead of, competitor and customer requirements.

Partner with us

Envision a future where your local government operations are not just efficient but also at the forefront of technological innovation. CityView is not just a solution; it's a partner in your journey towards building thriving communities.

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