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We're excited to share our introductory video, for those of you who may not yet be familiar with CityView. It should provide you with a glimpse into the transformative power of our comprehensive software designed exclusively for local government organizations.

A legacy of excellence: 40 years of understanding your challenges
CityView was established four decades ago by former local government professionals who intimately understood the unique challenges faced by municipalities. Rooted in this legacy, we have evolved to become a leading force, fostering growth and driving efficiency through our flexible and scalable community development solutions.

Streamlined processes for seamless operations
In our pursuit of excellence, CityView offers streamlined permitting, inspections, reviews and online payments. These solutions not only enhance efficiency but also cut costs, minimize errors and actively engage constituents. For example, imagine a paperless process designed to shorten turnaround times, eliminate redundancy and boost productivity. CityView turns this vision into reality with our Electronic Plans Review solution.

CityView and the power of Bluebeam 
Integrating CityView with the award-winning PDF creation, editing, markup and collaboration technology of Bluebeam® software facilitates a completely paperless workflow from permit application through to issuance and ultimately to the final Certificate of Occupancy.

CityView's unmatched flexibility and integration expertise
CityView has emerged as the preferred choice for hundreds of public sector organizations in North America. Our unmatched flexibility, integration expertise and lower ownership costs make us the go-to solution for communities of all sizes. Partnering with us means joining a network of CityView communities, 13 million strong, sharing an unwavering commitment to technology innovation.

Seamless connectivity: anytime, anywhere access to crucial data
CityView prides itself on developing industry-leading solutions that ensure seamless citizen-staff connectivity and provide anytime, anywhere access to crucial data. Our tight integrations with popular third-party products, including Bluebeam, Esri and Microsoft further enhance the user experience, making CityView a comprehensive solution for all your community's needs.

Fostering a secure community environment
Central to our mission is crafting a secure digital environment where your community can flourish. Leveraging CityView's wealth of experience in regional community development, we mitigate investment risks and staff resistance, concurrently reducing overall ownership expenses. Our commitment rests in advancing sustainable, secure and community-centric progress.

Embrace the future with CityView
Are you ready to drive efficiency, promote citizen engagement and embrace a digital environment? Join us in shaping a future where innovation meets governance, and together, let's build stronger, more connected communities.