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Trouble managing documents? Let CityView do the work for you.

EDMS integration

Are you tired of…

•    Wasting time searching through stacks of paper to find a particular document?
•    Not being able to collaborate on citizen and contractor documents?
•    Dealing with antiquated systems that negatively impact your productivity?

CityView can help. We have 40 years of experience integrating with industry-leading electronic document management systems (EDMS), primarily Laserfiche, OnBase, SharePoint and Questys.

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Centralized management of the multiple documents and images associated with permitting and licensing processes is critical.

Here are the top three reasons to integrate CityView with your EMDS:

1 - Boost efficiency

Stop wasting time searching through file folders or poking around, screen by screen, for a vital piece of information. Boost your efficiency by getting to the information you need, when you need it. You’re in control and have access to all of the information within your EDMS and CityView, at your fingertips. There’s no need to involve your IT department to get into the repository or to track down other department personnel. Create your own search queries to produce results by parcel ID, property address, created by person or date – the options are limitless.

2 - Improve customer service

Quickly respond to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for customer inquiries. There’s no need to hunt down the information, searching individual screens or documents. City and county clerks save time fulfilling requests for planning drawings, permit applications and the like by simply keying in a few search terms. The system searches through all metadata to produce relevant results within seconds.

3 - Access a seamless workflow

CityView’s EMDS integration is seamless and built directly into your business workflow. There are no extra steps to move a document from CityView into your EDMS. Plus, regardless of where the document originated, your search query runs through both systems to provide nearly instantaneous results, as a result of our two-way integration. 

No EDMS? No problem.

CityView’s sister company, Questys, provides an electronic document management system that uses a powerful full-text data querying tool, allowing you to search decades worth of public records. The very page and search term you’re looking for can be retrieved in seconds, instead of the hours, or even days, it takes when working with a manual records system. The City of Billings, Montana, is in the process of integrating CityView and Questys.

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