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Top 10 Reasons People Love Working for CityView


We recently asked CityView employees, “Why do you love working for us?” Since today is a day all about love, we’d like to share the top 10 answers with you!

10 - “Fantastic location with numerous amenities including a gym, bike room, showers, walking trails, lots of green space, cafeteria and a childcare facility close by.”

CityView headquarters is located in the much-coveted Vancouver Island Technology Park.

9 – “Free breakfast on Fridays!”

Who doesn’t love free food??!

8 – “Transparent, financially and otherwise.”

Financially backed by our parent company, Harris, CityView is stable and profitable.

7 - “Opportunities to learn and grow professionally, if you are eager to learn.”

CityView seeks to hire those searching for their next long-term career, not just a job.

6 - “Accommodating of people’s needs and dreams.”

CityView embraces Harris’ core value of dream realization.

5 - “You have the flexibility to work from home if need be.”

CityView knows that our employees have personal lives, too. You don’t have to waste a vacation day waiting for a dishwasher repair!

4 - “No one tells you exactly how to spend your day.”

CityView aligns with the Harris values of respect for the individual and provides employees with autonomy.

3 - “The opportunity to travel and see the software in action is awesome.”

With customers across North America, CityView offers employees opportunity to travel and explore – see what Tonia experienced while training a client in Niagara.

2 - “It’s the people that make the culture not the company.”

CityView offers a ‘flat’ management culture, where any employee at any level can feel free to speak with any manager.

1 - “A lot of people hate the idea of going to work. People here look forward to seeing each other.”

CityView employees describe the office environment as a close-knit family.


If this sounds like a place you’d like to be, please go to the CityView Careers page for a list of open positions.

Did you Know? Harris is Honored as One of the Best Places to Work in 2020, a Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Award Winner in Canada