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The Regional District of Niagara is expanding services by migrating to our browser-based platform, CityView Workspace, while also adding on new modules.

A customer since 2001, Niagara is migrating its desktop version of CityView Planning to Workspace, which will allow staff to have anytime, anywhere access to the new web version of the module. The Region has used CityView Electronic Plans Review (EPR) for quite some time to achieve a paperless review process. Now it will add:

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About the Niagara Region

Aside from the breathtaking city of Niagara Falls, the Niagara Region located in Ontario, Canada houses eleven other municipalities - each with its own set of unique characteristics. Home to nearly 500,000 people, the Region is nestled between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. It boasts sprawling wineries, sandy beaches, vast green spaces, plentiful shopping, dining and entertainment, the Natural World Wonder that is the Niagara Falls and rich Canadian history -- just to name a few.