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Since its successful launch last summer, the City of Schertz, Texas, has taken a progressive step by expanding its CityView Suite to incorporate Virtual Inspections. By harnessing the power of current technology, Schertz aims to improve efficiency, reduce costs and contribute to environmental sustainability by minimizing fuel consumption.

The rise of remote inspections

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous municipalities across North America adopted remote inspections as a means of maintaining social distancing. However, the numerous advantages of this approach quickly became apparent, prompting cities and counties to continue embracing video inspections even after pandemic restrictions eased.

Cost savings and efficiency

CityView customers stand to benefit significantly from the implementation of Virtual Inspections software, with potential savings of up to $15 per inspection. In fact, the licensing costs for all inspectors can be recouped within the first year of adoption. Schertz, in particular, can expect the following advantages from its expanded community development software.

Improved environmental impact

By embracing remote inspections, Schertz will substantially reduce the time spent by inspectors on the road, resulting in significant savings in fuel consumption and emissions. This progressive move aligns with the City's commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Streamlined processes

CityView Virtual Inspections seamlessly integrates with our Permitting module, enabling Schertz to maintain comprehensive and permanent records of virtual inspections directly within the corresponding permits. This integration eliminates manual data entry and facilitates efficient record-keeping through the inclusion of screenshots, videos and annotations.

Reduced expenditure

Schertz can enjoy the benefits of CityView Virtual Inspections without the need to invest in third-party technology or specialized equipment. The software employs secure, peer-to-peer communications between the CityView server and the builder or contractor's mobile device, eliminating the requirement for additional purchases.

A thriving community

As a rapidly growing bedroom community within the San Antonio metro area, Schertz understands the importance of embracing innovative land management and community development solutions. Contact us today to discover how we can assist your community in realizing its growth potential through modern technologies.