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The traditional process of managing hard copy plans and outdated workflows can cause significant delays, errors and inefficiencies for local governments. However, CityView Electronic Plans Review, in combination with Bluebeam® Revu®, offers a transformative, paperless solution that dramatically shortens the municipal review process.

The power of paperless plan reviews

CityView Electronic Plans Review streamlines the entire review process from permit application through to issuance and ultimately to the final certificate of occupancy. Documents are stored in a central repository within CityView. Once verified, these documents can be easily shared, reviewed and marked up using Bluebeam Revu, which tracks all changes for easy comparison between versions. This integration facilitates a completely paperless workflow, saving time, money and the environment.

Key benefits

  • Personalized toolbox for markups: Provides easy access to tools for completing work quickly
  • Enhanced collaboration: Bluebeam markup capabilities facilitate increased collaboration among city staff, residents, contractors and design professionals
  • Significant savings: Eliminates the need for printing and storing paper copies, reducing both time and costs
  • Ease of submission: The CityView Portal allows for direct electronic document and plan uploads by residents, contractors and design professionals

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Real-world success stories

Cory Day, chief building official for the City of South Jordan, Utah, highlights the efficiency gains: “CityView allowed us to set a new building department standard of 90 days from permit application to certificate of occupancy issuance.” South Jordan now meets its goal of a 14-day turnaround from permit application to approval, demonstrating the remarkable time savings achievable with CityView.

Barry Gorst, deputy chief building official and senior building inspector for the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario, emphasizes the practical benefits: “Without CityView, it would easily have taken an additional four to five days to process a permit application.” Gorst adds, “As a plans examiner, the thing I like best about CityView Electronic Plans Review is that I have my own personalized toolbox at my disposal for markups.”

A solution trusted by many

Collier County, Florida, and Cherokee County, Georgia, have experienced significant cost savings by processing plan review documents electronically with CityView. All data is automatically integrated with their other CityView modules, enabling seamless workflows and one-point data entry. These counties benefit from a more integrated, paperless procedure that shortens their municipal review process, offers exceptional service to contractors, applicants and architects, and conserves both time and resources.

“It’s kind of crazy, what we used to do to process plan reviews, compared to how simple it is now," said Kelly Stadnyk from the City of Leduc, Alberta. Leduc is yet another customer who sees the benefits of CityView Electronic Plans Review, managing just one digital version instead of multiple paper copies.

Why Bluebeam Revu?

Bluebeam Revu is trusted by over 1.6 million design and construction professionals worldwide. It enhances project efficiency and collaboration with award-winning PDF creation, editing, markup and collaboration technology. Main benefits include:

  • Design review: Speeds up design reviews by allowing project partners to markup and collaborate on the same documents in real time or any time
  • Plan reviews: Simplifies plan reviews with powerful markup and editing tools, integrating seamlessly into many document management systems
  • Markup: Communicate clearly with clients and team members using customizable, easy-to-use markup tools that can be saved for reuse, improving project coordination by automatically tracking annotations and generating reports

Ready to transform your plan review process?

CityView Electronic Plans Review is transforming municipal plan reviews by creating a more efficient, collaborative and sustainable process. Join the growing number of local governments who have made the switch to a paperless workflow with CityView. Contact us for more information.

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