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The Village of Oak Park, Illinois, is dedicated to continuously improving its municipal services and its latest expansion of the CityView Suite to include Animal Licensing is a testament to that commitment. Since becoming a CityView customer in 2015, the Village has steadily embraced various solutions within CityView’s community development suite to streamline operations and enhance efficiency. This recent addition marks another step toward a more modern and effective approach to managing the needs of its residents and their pets.

Streamlining operations with CityView Mobile

Notably, the Village of Oak Park began using CityView Mobile for Business Licensing just last year. This powerful tool enables field inspectors to complete their daily tasks directly onsite using their mobile devices. This real-time capability has proven invaluable, allowing inspectors to be more responsive and efficient, ensuring quicker service and higher customer satisfaction.

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office suite

One of the Village’s key strengths lies in its ability to harness the deep integration of CityView with the Microsoft Office suite, which includes Exchange, Outlook and Word. This integration leverages the power of Microsoft Office with CityView to increase automation, efficiency and collaboration.

Introducing CityView Animal Licensing

The Village of Oak Park’s latest addition to the CityView Suite is the Animal Licensing solution. This online solution is designed to simplify the collection and tracking of all necessary information for licensed animals, making the management of pet licensing more efficient and user-friendly. With this solution, the Village is poised to retire time-intensive manual processes in favor of a streamlined and efficient electronic system.

Benefits of CityView Animal Licensing

  • Efficient license issuing and renewal: The Village of Oak Park will be able to efficiently issue, renew and bill animal licenses online. This not only saves time for staff but also makes the process more convenient for pet owners.
  • Enhanced reporting: CityView Animal Licensing enables the Village to generate reports effortlessly, aiding in the identification of dangerous or lost animals, as well as those with expired licenses. This empowers the Village to respond promptly to any concerns regarding animal safety and compliance.
  • Online convenience for pet owners: Village residents and animal owners will appreciate the convenience of applying for, updating and renewing their animal licenses online. CityView’s user-friendly interface simplifies the process and encourages compliance among pet owners.

The Village of Oak Park’s expansion of the CityView Suite to include Animal Licensing demonstrates its commitment to improving services and embracing modern solutions to enhance efficiency. By utilizing the CityView Mobile and Microsoft Office Suite integration, Oak Park is optimizing its community development operations. The introduction of CityView Animal Licensing further streamlines their processes and benefits both residents and staff, making the management of pet licensing more efficient and convenient. Oak Park continues to set an example of how technology can enhance municipal operations to better serve its community.