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The City of Niagara Falls, Ontario, recently unwrapped an early holiday gift as it embraced the future with the the phase 1 launch of CityView. This milestone marked the implementation of CityView Permits & Inspections and CityView Planning, offering a plethora of new features that promise to redefine the City’s administrative landscape.

CityView, a modern solution, has replaced Niagara’s legacy land management system. This technological leap introduces several key enhancements, notably:

Citizen empowerment through CityView Portal

Residents now have the convenience of self-service through CityView Portal. This user-friendly interface puts essential services at their fingertips, transforming the way citizens interact with municipal processes.

Field empowerment with CityView Mobile

CityView Mobile empowers inspectors in the field, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in their tasks. This mobile integration streamlines onsite operations, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the City’s inspection processes.

Seamless integration with Laserfiche and Paymentus

The integration of CityView with Laserfiche for electronic document management and Paymentus for payments via CityView Cashiering brings a new level of efficiency to administrative tasks. This streamlined approach not only reduces paperwork but also facilitates smoother transactions for citizens.

The implementation process was guided by CityView’s proven best practices, drawing on 40 years of experience with other Ontario municipalities. This ensured that the configuration and workflows tailored for Niagara Falls align seamlessly with the recent provincial bills, demonstrating a commitment to compliance and governance.

As the successful partnership with CityView unfolds, Niagara Falls looks ahead to phase 2. This upcoming stage will include the integration of Bylaw Enforcement and Licensing, promising further advancements in municipal services.

In conclusion, the City of Niagara Falls has embarked on a transformative journey, leveraging current technology to enhance service delivery, improve citizen engagement and uphold regulatory standards. The CityView implementation stands as a testament to the commitment of Niagara Falls to embrace innovation for the benefit of its residents and stakeholders.

Learn how CityView can help your community empower citizens, increase productivity and seamlessly integrate with your existing solutions.

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