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Customer Buzz on CityView Staff

Matt Woods, Senior Systems Analyst for Go Live Technology, Inc., a firm that represents municipalities throughout the Southern California region and does work as consultants for four CityView customers, wrote in to tell us of his experiences dealing with CityView staff:

“Hi Susan, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your firm for all of the exceptional service your team has been providing. I used to be the VP of Sales & Operations at two different software development firms that created complex database finance systems, which we sold, deployed and supported for clients throughout the United States. So I know full well how much hard work goes into maintaining satisfied customers.

“As good as your product is or can be, if you don’t have quality people in key support and development positions, then your clients will inevitably feel frustrated. I’ve been working with John, Vince, Jared and Carlo now for over 1 ½ years and I’m extremely impressed by their professionalism and competency. They all do an incredible job of patiently wading through problems and coming up with the solutions. I know from experience that their collective product knowledge and professionalism, combined with the amount of time they have been with your organization is a fairly rare occurrence in the industry and serves as testimony to the solid job you and your firm’s management team are doing.

“Please pass along my gratitude to your team.”