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Ensuring safe and sustainable housing: how CityView Rental Housing can help municipalities thrive

The housing market in California has long been known for its tightness and unaffordability, especially for middle-class families. With the cost of buying a home skyrocketing, many residents are turning to rental properties as their primary housing solution. However, ensuring the safety and quality of rental housing is paramount, which is why new legislation like AB 548 is pushing municipalities to develop robust rental housing programs.

One such municipality leading the charge is the City of Ontario in San Bernardino County. Since 2009, Ontario has been using CityView Rental Housing to manage its rental housing inspections and fees. With a population of 181,224, Ontario conducts approximately 4,500 rental housing inspections annually, demonstrating a commitment to maintaining the integrity of its housing stock.

Administrative Officer for Ontario’s Community Improvement Department, Douglas Sorel, attests to the effectiveness and ease of use of CityView Rental Housing:“If you use CityView for code enforcement or planning, you already know how to use the rental housing module.”

He emphasizes that the program seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, making it accessible even to non-technical users like himself. In fact, Douglas recently spearheaded an expansion of the program to include hotel and motel inspections, showcasing its adaptability and versatility.

Transparency is a cornerstone of CityView Rental Housing, according to Douglas. The system provides visibility into property histories, tracks payments and facilitates efficient communication within the department. With clear records and streamlined processes, Ontario has seen remarkable improvements in inspection pass rates over the years. What once was a 20% pass rate in 2009 has now soared to an impressive 80%, demonstrating the program’s efficacy in maintaining high-quality housing standards.

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One of the driving forces behind Ontario’s rental housing program is the recognition of housing as a critical resource. By preserving existing housing stock through proactive inspections and maintenance, Ontario aims to address the ever-growing demand for housing in California. The program not only benefits tenants by ensuring safe and habitable living conditions but also supports the overall sustainability of the community. “Preserving the existing housing stock is vitally important,” says Douglas. “We don’t want to lose units due to disrepair or neglect; we want to maintain existing rental properties to help alleviate housing issues.”

Douglas emphasizes that municipalities looking to enhance their rental housing inspections should consider CityView Rental Housing for its ease of use and comprehensive features. From tracking inspections to managing fees, the system empowers staff to stay organized and conduct inspections efficiently. “Once the program is up and running, it’s a breeze,” he says. 

The statistics speak for themselves: Ontario’s adoption of CityView Rental Housing has led to significant improvements over the past decade, including a 300% boost in pass rates. With higher pass rates, reduced compliance inspections and increased fee collection, the program has proven its value in safeguarding rental housing quality and promoting community well-being.

As the housing landscape continues to evolve, municipalities must invest in solutions that prioritize safety, sustainability and efficiency. CityView Rental Housing offers a proven framework for achieving these goals, enabling municipalities to thrive in an ever-changing environment.

For municipalities seeking to enhance their rental housing programs, CityView Rental Housing stands as a reliable partner in building stronger, safer communities for all residents. “It just makes sense,” says Douglas.

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