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CityView Releases Electronic Plans Review Solution

CityView Now Offers an Integrated Paperless Plan Review Solution that Streamlines the Municipal Review Process

Victoria, BC - November 8, 2012: CityView, a division of Harris Computer Systems, is pleased to announce the release of its brand-new electronic plans review offering.

CityView Electronic Plans Review combines the exceptional document routing and workflow capabilities of CityView with Bluebeam® Revu®, the award-winning PDF-based collaboration solution from Bluebeam Software. As a Bluebeam Authorized Reseller, CityView is leveraging Bluebeam's bFXTM technology so that CityView users can seamlessly open PDFs in Revu, redline them with Revu's industry-standard markups, measurements and stamps and save comments back to CityView. By tying these solutions together, CityView equips plans reviewers, architects, contractors and applicants with the tools for submitting, circulating, reviewing and marking up electronic documents, site plans and construction drawings through the iterative review process-while stimulating online collaboration along the way.

The result is a paperless procedure that speeds up the municipal review process; offers convenient service to your contractors, applicants and architects; and saves both you and your customers significant time, energy and money.

"Bluebeam Revu is a solution for digitizing plan checks and has been proven to reduce paper usage up to 85% and increase productivity by 60%," said Sasha Reed, Director of Account Services at Bluebeam Software. "By leveraging Bluebeam's bFX technology to tie Revu to their plan review system, CityView is providing users with an invaluable tool for electronically documenting code and compliance questions and violations."

CityView customer Rocky View County (Calgary, AB) is excited about using this new tool:

"Utilizing CityView's Electronic Plans Review solution, Bluebeam, will enhance Rocky View County's planning and engineering review processes," says Jennifer Dick, GIS Analyst for Rocky View County. "The tool will provide an opportunity to increase service and efficiency through automation and ultimately allow for a consistent method of plan evaluation."

More information on the CityView Electronic Plans Review solution can be found here.

*CityView is an authorized reseller of Bluebeam products.

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