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The CityView Portal provides a convenient and easy way for citizens, contractors, and businesses to self-serve, alleviating the workload on municipal employees. Save time and increase customer service. A few benefits of the CityView Portal include:

      • Citizens gain one-stop access to initiate permits and inspection requests, check status and pay fees
      • Businesses can apply for licenses, obtain up-to-date status information pertaining to their business license or business license application, and pay any fees they owe, including renewals
      • Employees improve productivity by eliminating double entry and data redundancy, since the Portal is fully integrated with your existing CityView Suite

“The Portal averages 4.5 registrations a day, seven days a week for us. The CityView Portal helped keep business as usual [during the pandemic onset]. We anticipate to hit 15,000 active Portal users in May of 2023.” -  Kevin J. Cully, Cherokee County, Georgia

Let’s talk. Reduce office calls and improve citizen engagement; ask us for a short demo on the CityView Portal.

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