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We're excited to announce an important expansion to the CityView family that directly benefits you: Questys, a leading electronic document management system (EDMS), is now officially part of the CityView suite of solutions. This integration not only broadens our offerings but also empowers you with enhanced document management capabilities across all departments within your organization.

Investing in the future

While CityView has a proven track record of seamlessly integrating with top-tier EDMS like Laserfiche and OnBase, the addition of Questys to our suite of solutions marks a significant advancement. Now, not only can we provide comprehensive document management solutions for your building, planning and code enforcement departments, but we can extend these benefits across your entire organization, from finance to payroll and beyond. 

Integrating agenda management

For planners, city managers, county clerks and other administrators, Questys' solution revolutionizes the handling of physical records by digitizing them and automating agenda-related processes. This includes managing meeting agendas and minutes, facilitating publishing, conducting roll-calls, and tabulating votes. Questys' advanced workflow automation significantly reduces paperwork, so you can prioritize serving your community. Agenda management is an added benefit is exclusive to Questys, setting it apart from our existing EDMS integrations.


Streamlining community development

From managing site plans to permits and inspection images, Questys offers robust features to streamline your community development processes. With advanced search capabilities, finding relevant data is a breeze, revolutionizing your planning, permitting and licensing efforts.

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Coordinating complex data

Questys effortlessly organizes complex data for easy retrieval. For example:

  • Building departments will find Questys helpful for storing approved plans, permits, certificates of occupancy and completion, as-built drawings, agreements, and inspection photos
  • Planning departments can search through meeting agendas and minutes, notices of decision, and appeal documentation
  • Code enforcement departments will be able to locate notices of violation, hearing notices, notices of abatement, copies of citations or tickets and site photos

Going beyond community development

Questys isn't confined to just one department; it offers invaluable support across various areas of your organization:

  • Finance directors can effortlessly track payments and prepare budget reports
  • HR managers can simplify administrative duties
  • City clerks can assemble agenda packets with ease

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Unlocking benefits across the board

Questys offers benefits across the board:

  • Advanced security. Rest easy knowing your sensitive information is safeguarded with access controls, encryption and audit trails
  • Boost efficiency. Enjoy improved performance with a centralized repository for all documents and get to the information you need, when you need it
  • Seamless workflow. There are no extra steps to move a document from CityView into your EDMS. Regardless of how (or when) a document gets added to the document management system, provided it is indexed with metadata like a permit/case/parcel number or address, CityView will be able to retrieve it later

Exploring the possibilities

The partnership between Questys and CityView opens doors to remarkable synergies, where the strengths of both platforms converge to address real-world challenges faced by our valued CityView customers. Together, we're poised to innovate and develop solutions that were previously beyond reach, empowering our customers to navigate the complexities of modern governance with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. Visit to learn more or request a free demonstration today!

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