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CityView's Mobile Solutions Deliver Efficiencies and Cost Savings

CityView utilizes the power of Smart Mobile Devices to deliver efficiencies and cost savings to the local government community

Victoria, BC – October 18, 2012: With two more agencies taking the application live this month, CityView, a Division of Harris Computers, is proving out the device-agnostic quality of its CityView Mobile, field inspections solution. Augusta-Richmond County, GA and the Township of Canton, MI join five other Municipalities, in as many months, that have begun benefitting from the convenience, savings and service provided by the solution.

“With the implementation of CityView Mobile, our field inspectors don’t have to wait until they return to the office to input their inspection results. Customers get inspection results more quickly and inspectors can use their time in the office to assist customers and respond to phone calls,” said Judy Bocklage, Senior Planner at the Township of Canton, MI.

Debbie Freeman, IT Project Manager from Augusta-Richmond County, GA, appreciates the ease of implementation: “I was impressed with how quickly CityView Mobile was implemented for Augusta, GA. After one small configuration change made by Tech Support, we were up and running. This is one of the most efficient mobile applications we’ve dealt with. Our Building Inspectors really like it.”

CityView has always excelled at delivering innovative field solutions for its customer-base on the most advanced technology of the time. From the days of database synchronization in the 90s to the administration-friendly cache and forward technology of the mid-2000s, CityView has offered inspectors the ability to work electronically, in the field, where their customers needed them. The advent of smart mobile devices provided an opportunity to elevate this to a new dimension of productivity and convenience and CityView responded by providing a field solution that not only works on all smartphone and tablet devices of today, but is quick and easy to implement and comes with a significant return on investment.

As John Meck, Development Services Manager at Rockingham County, VA puts it, “We found that some of our inspectors already had smartphones and tablet devices, and since they all cost approximately the same we gave them the choice to use whatever they want with CityView. We paid for the entire CityView Mobile system including hardware and software inside two months just in gas savings from the reduced travel our inspectors have to make back and forth to the County offices.”

CityView Mobile is built with the latest in Web technologies enabling its use on a multitude of devices. To date it is live amongst Municipal communities on iPads, iPhones, Android phones and Blackberry Playbooks. With CityView Mobile, inspectors can complete their permit, code or rental inspections real time, generate inspections reports in the field, notify contractors of results automatically and access the information they need daily to complete their field operations. Integrated with the rest of the CityView suite, CityView Mobile enhances the value of a comprehensive land management system encapsulating three decades of domain knowledge, experience and innovation.

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